Fancy & the Fury (fancyandthefury) wrote,
Fancy & the Fury

Fancy & the Fury on LJ!

The contents of this post are already fairly obvious if you're reading it here, but in the interest of making sure all site updates are mirrored on LJ, here it is.

Fancy & the Fury is now on LiveJournal! Well... sort of, anyway.

We've set up an account there to mirror news posts from the site, as well as to host the site's monthly email newsletter (for those of you who don't want to or can't sign up for the mailing list). You can follow Fancy & the Fury on Livejournal, here:

And just a reminder: if you're tired of watching your submissions sit in the queue until one of the mods gets a chance to validate them, you can request validation by contacting us. If you've submitted a minimum of three works to the site without receiving a rejection letter, you qualify for validation.
Tags: news: site update
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